Brushed DC Motorsteuerungen

The table below shows the key features and specifications of our motor controllers. You may select a product family from the table or scroll down for more information.

Pololu Qik Dual
Serial Motor Controllers

Pololu TReX Dual
Motor Controllers

Pololu Simple
Motor Controllers
Pololu Jrk
Motor Controllers
with Feedback
Motor Controllers
Number of available models22424
Motor channels231112
TTL serial control
Analog control
RC control 
USB control  
Speed/position feedback   
Minimum voltage2 4.5 V 5 V 5.5 V 5 V 6 V
Maximum voltage2 16 V 24 V 40 V 28 V 34 V
Continuous output
current per channel2
13 A 13 A (16 V max)
2.5 A (24 V max)
25 A (30 V max)
23 A (40 V max)
12 A (16 V max)
3 A (28 V max)
60 A
Current sensingonly on qik 2s12v10 
Pololu Qik duale serialle Motorsteuerungen

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Pololu TReX duale Motorsteuerungen

The TReX blends RC, analog, and serial inputs for a powerful...

Pololu einfache Motor Steuerungen

Pololu Simple Motor Controllers The Pololu simple motor...

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