Who we are

DFRobot is a world-leading robotics and open source hardware provider with a large community catering to future creators. We keep creating innovative, user-friendly hardware & software products that become the building blocks in all kinds of electronic projects and fostering a strong community of learners around it.

A Dream Factory for Robo-holics

DFRobot is a dynamic group with diversified backgrounds and culture: from former nuclear submarine technician, bluechip company senior engineer, artist, hacker to software guru. All of them share one thing in common: the love for making robots.

Empowering makers since 2008

DFRobot was among the first to embrace open source hardware - especially Arduino,Raspberry Pi and LattePanda. Our ever-growing product catalog boasts over 1300 components and widgets and we have delivered 1.5 million units to 220 countries around the world. Our mission is to form a community with easy access to whether hardware, software and ideas that allow makers and younger generation to achieve their goals and realize creative ideas in an effective manner.

Reshaping the STEM education

With a mission to teach more people to make, DFRobot create comprehensive learning kits and bring it to both teachers and parents. These kits of Arduino/Electronics and DIY robots have been introduced to schools across the globe. Books and tutorials bring students knowledge and they can experiment soon with hardware in the kit. For the effort we do, we believe the seed of making and creating will grow inside our future generation, and one day they will change the world with what they make.

The future is all robots. Will you join the game with us?

At DFRobot, we believe everyone can benefit from robotics, in identifying their own challenges, solving new problems, motivating themselves to complete a project, working together, inspiring others, and giving advice and sharing with others. And increasingly we recognize there is a real hunger for the resources for both techies and newbies to make their hands dirty on robotics, thus we standout to take fully the advantages of open-source and cutting edge technologies to make this happen.

Our History

Founded in 2008 with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, China. DFRobot designs, produces opensource hardware especially in robot platforms, sensors and Arduino compatible shields. DFRobot brings together more than 100 staff, 30% of whom are engineers. Over the last 5 years, DFRobot has delivered more than 1 million opensource modules to students, teachers and researchers.

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