WhalesBot AI Module 1 Building Block Robot Integrating AI

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AI Module 1 is the world's first building block robot intergrating AI technologies such as voice recognition, visual, emotional expression and so on.


  • ARM cortex M3 32-bit processor, 5-channel common I/O Interface, 4-channel multiplex I2C and close loop motor interface, 1-channel multiplex UART interface and Mini-USB interface, it can be supported servo motor and more sensors at the same time.
  • Build-in Bluetooth, loudspeaker, various sound effects
  • Power supply: 6AA batteries support enviromental protection, it can be also use charging battery, or existing household charging battery


  • 5 in 1 color sensors, ultrasonic sensors and touch sensors

LED scene:

Interesting face emoji design, students are able to design over 100 emotion expressions include face, numbers, words or images

3 Closed-loop DC Motor:

  • Operating Voltage: 6-9V
  • No-load Rotation Speed: 420 +-10 RPM
  • Rotation Torque: 0.05N*M
  • Blocking Torque: 0.25N*M

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1x WhalesBot AI Module 1 Building Block Robot Integrating AI



AI Module 1 Quick Start Guide

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