Retired! AI-Thinker ESP8266 ESP-06 Serial WIFI Wireless Remote Control Module

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ESP8266 is a highly integrated chip designed for the needs of a new connected world. It offers a complete and self-contained Wi-Fi networking solution, allowing it to either host the application or to offload all Wi-Fi networking functions from another application processor.

ESP8266 has powerful on-board processing and storage capabilities that allow it to be integrated with the sensors and other application specific devices through its GPIOs with minimal development up-front and minimal loading during runtime. Its high degree of on-chip integration allows for minimal external circuitry, and the entire solution, including front-end module, is designed to occupy minimal PCB area.

Technical Details of ESP8266

  • 32-bit RISC CPU: Tensilica Xtensa LX106 running at 80 MHz
  • 64 KiB of instruction RAM, 96 KiB of data RAM
  • External QSPI flash - 512 KiB to 4 MiB (up to 16MiB is supported)
  • IEEE 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi
  • Integrated TR switch, balun, LNA, power amplifier and matching network
  • WEP or WPA/WPA2 authentication, or open networks
  • 16 GPIO pins
  • SPI, I²C, I²S interfaces with DMA (sharing pins with GPIO)
  • UART on dedicated pins, plus a transmit-only UART can be enabled on GPIO2
  • 1 10-bit ADC
  • Powerful internal LWIP protocol
  • Supports three modes: AP, STA and AP + STA
  • Perfect and efficient AT command
  • Size: 16,2 x 13,2 mm
  • Bottom paste Technology, all IO leads, with metal shell, easily to get through FCC CE certification

Package List

1 x ESP8266 ESP-06 Wireless remote Control Module

product_status: retired


Datasheet ESP8266

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