Pololu Dual G2 High-Power Motor Driver 18v22 Shield for Arduino

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This shield makes it easy to control two high-power DC motors with your Arduino or Arduino-compatible board. Its twin discrete MOSFET H-bridges support a wide 6.5 V to 30 V operating range and are efficient enough to deliver a continuous 22 A without a heat sink. The drivers offer basic current sensing and current limiting functionality, and they accept ultrasonic PWM frequencies for quieter operation. The Arduino pin mappings can all be customized if the defaults are not convenient, and the motor driver control lines are broken out along the left side of the shield for general-purpose use without an Arduino.

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The G2 family of dual high-power motor driver shields features pairs of discrete MOSFET H-bridges designed to drive two large brushed DC motors. They have the form factor of an Arduino shield, so they can plug directly into an Arduino or compatible board, such as the A-Star 32U4 Prime, but they also break out all of the motor driver pins along the left side of the board to enable use as a general-purpose motor driver without an Arduino.

The minimum operating voltage for all four versions is 6.5 V. The maximum operating voltages are given in the above table; they are well above what typical Arduinos can tolerate, so the shields include an integrated 7.5 V, 1 A switching step-down regulator that can optionally be used to power whatever Arduino or Arduino-compatible board it is plugged into, enabling operation from a single power supply. This regulator can also be configured to output 5 V for applications where that would be more useful than the default 7.5 V, and the Arduino pin mappings can all be customized if the defaults are not convenient.

These dual motor drivers are also available as Raspberry Pi expansion boards. For single-channel versions in a more compact form factor, consider our High-Power Motor Drivers. For a lower-power, lower-cost alternative Arduino shield, please consider the Dual MC33926 Motor Driver Shield.


Pololu Dual G2 High-Power Motor Driver 18v22 Shield for Arduino.

Pololu Dual G2 High-Power Motor Driver 18v22 or 24v18 Shield for Arduino, bottom view.

Pololu Dual G2 High-Power Motor Driver 18v22 Shield for Arduino with included hardware.

  • Operating voltage: 6.5 V to 30 V (absolute maximum; not intended for use with 24 V batteries)
  • Output current: 22 A continuous
  • Current sense output proportional to motor current (approx. 10 mV/A; only active while H-bridge is driving)
  • Active current limiting (chopping) with approximate default threshold of 60 A (can be adjusted lower)


Pololu Dual G2 High-Power Motor Driver Shield being controlled by an A-Star 32U4 Prime.

  • Inputs compatible with 1.8 V, 3.3 V, and 5 V logic
  • PWM operation up to 100 kHz
  • Motor indicator LEDs show what the outputs are doing even when no motor is connected
  • Reverse-voltage protection
  • Undervoltage shutdown
  • Short circuit protection
  • Control interface allows for sign-magnitude or locked-antiphase operation
  • Integrated 7.5 V, 1 A switching step-down voltage regulator (can be set to output 5 V instead)
  • Arduino library makes it easy to get started using this board as a motor driver shield
  • Detailed user?s guide
  • Arduino pin mappings can be customized if the default mappings are not convenient
  • When used as a shield, the motor power supply or 7.5 V regulator output can optionally be used to power the Arduino base for single-supply operation
  • Can be used with an Arduino or compatible board (through shield headers) or other microcontroller boards (through 0.1? header along the left side)

Dual G2 high-power motor driver shield powering an Arduino with the shield?s 7.5 V regulator (VREG).

Dual G2 high-power motor driver shield connected to a microcontroller (dashed connections are optional).


Size: 2.56? × 2.02? × 0.38?
Weight: 19 g

General specifications

Motor channels: 2
Minimum operating voltage: 6.5 V
Maximum operating voltage: 30 V
Continuous output current per channel: 22 A
Current sense: 0.010 V/A
Maximum PWM frequency: 100 kHz
Minimum logic voltage: 1.8 V
Maximum logic voltage: 5 V
Reverse voltage protection?: Y




User?s Guide



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