Pololu Optical Encoder Pair Kit for Micro Metal Gearmotors, 3.3V

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Add quadrature encoders to your LP, MP, or HP micro metal gearmotors (extended back shaft version required) with this kit consisting of two sensor boards, two 3-tooth encoder wheels, and two 5-tooth encoder wheels. The installed system does not exceed the 12 mm × 10 mm cross section of the motors and extends only 5 mm beyond the plastic motor end cap. The 3-tooth wheel provides 12 counts per revolution; using the 5-tooth wheel yields 20 counts per revolution. This version is intended for use at 3.3 V.Note: This version is not compatible with the HPCB micro metal gearmotors; it is only compatible with LP, MP, and HP dual-shaft micro metal gearmotors.

Kategorie: Encoder for Micro Metal Gearmotors

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Note: This encoder is not compatible with our HPCB micro metal gearmotors (the HPCB motor terminals are too large to fit the corresponding PCB holes), but it is compatible with the LP, MP, and HP versions of our micro metal gearmotors.

This set includes sensor boards and reflective wheels to add quadrature encoding to two micro metal gearmotors with extended back shafts (motors are not included with this kit). 3-tooth and 5-tooth encoder wheels are included to provide options of 12 counts per revolution and 20 counts per revolution of the motor shaft (to compute the encoder counts per revolution of the gearbox output, multiply by the gear ratio). Because the encoder board outputs are direct phototransistor outputs, some signal conditioning is often necessary between the sensor and a digital system processing the signals. For an encoder solution that can be connected directly to a microcontroller or other digital circuit, consider our magnetic encoder pair kit for micro metal gearmotors, which we generally recommend over this optical encoder.

Note: This sensor system is intended for relatively advanced users comfortable with the physical encoder installation and with using the resulting signals. It only works with micro metal gearmotors that have extended back shafts.



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