Pololu 22T Track Set - White

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This track set includes a pair of 22-tooth silicone tracks, two white drive sprockets measuring 35 mm (1.4") in diameter, and two matching idler sprockets along with mounting hardware. To work properly with the track, the drive and idler sprockets should be set up approximately 48 mm (1.9") apart.

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The drive sprockets are designed to work with 3mm D-shafts, such as those on our micro metal gearmotors and mini plastic gearmotors. These are the same tracks and sprockets we use on our Zumo chassis and robots, just in a different color

The flexible one-piece silicone tracks are available in two lengths, with either 22 teeth or 30 teeth that are designed to mesh with the drive and idler sprockets. The 22T set, with an overall length under 90 mm, is short enough to be used as the drive system for a mini-sumo robot.

The drive sprockets are designed to press-fit securely on the output shafts of our micro metal gearmotors, 15.5D mm metal gearmotors, and mini plastic gearmotors with 3mm D-shaft outputs. On our Zumo robots, these gearmotors are intended to be mounted with the raised lip on one side of the drive sprocket facing away from the motor, but if you are not using a Zumo chassis, you can insert the drive sprockets onto the 3mm D-shafts in either orientation.

Technical Details

  • Sprocket diameter: 35 mm (1.38")
  • Diameter with track: approx. 39 mm (1.54")
  • Track width: 14.6 mm (0.57")

The threaded portion of the shoulder bolts can be cut to the desired length.

The ideal spacing between the centers of the two sprockets is about 48 mm for the 22T tracks and 85 mm for the 30T tracks. Because the tracks are elastic, they will maintain tension even if you do not precisely match this distance. However, if the spacing is too short, they will be loose and more likely to slip off; if the spacing is too long, additional strain will be placed on the sprocket shafts, and the motor might not be able to turn as well.

Package List

2x Silicone tracks

2x ABS drive sprockets

2x ABS idler sprockets

2x M3 shoulder bolts with a 5mm threaded portion

2x M3 shoulder bolts with a 12mm threaded portion

2x Washers and M3 nuts


Dimension diagram of the Pololu Track Set

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