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Microduino-nRF24 is a high-speed embedded wireless data transmission module.


  • Fully integrated link layer on the module makes it easy to develop.
  • With automatic retransmission function, it can automatically detect and resend lost packets and the retransmission time and frequency can be controlled by software.
  • With packets that can automatically save un-received response signals.
  • With automatic reply function, the module can send response signal automatically after receiving valid data and need no reprogramming.
  • Capable of setting six receiving channels' address synchronously and opening the receiving channels selectively.
  • Standard pin 2.54mm spacing interface, making it convenient for embedded application.
  • Small, stackable and economic.
  • Open source hardware circuit design and Arduino compatible programming development environment.
  • With a uniform Microduino interface standard and rich peripheral modules, it can easily connect with other Microduino modules and sensors.
  • 2.54mm(0.1 inch) pin pitch, compatible with bread boards and pegboards.


  • Global open 2.4GHz ISM band with the maximum transmission power of 0DBM and free license to use.
  • Low operation voltage: 1.9-3.6 V.
  • SMA antenna, easy to change.
  • Support six channels' data transmission.
  • High rate: 2MBPS. Due to short transmission rate in the air, it largely reduces collision in wireless transmission. (Set 2MBPS or 256 KBPS, 1 MBPS air transmission rate with software)
  • Multi-point frequency: With 125 frequency points, it meets the requirement of multi-point communication and frequency hopping communication.
  • Low consumption: With fast air transmission and startup, it greatly reduces the current consumption when communicating in the response mode.

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1 x Microduino nRF high Speed embedded Wireless Data Transmission Module

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