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About Us1>

World leading solutions provider

Eckstein engineering is a solutions provider, dedicated to supporting innovation. We utilize our engineering and manufacturing expertise combined with our industry ecosystem to offer a complete end-to-end service that provides 
startups, corporates, and universities with a platform to enable them to deploy new technological systems in today’s ever-changing markets.

One of the world's leading solution providers to support new cutting-edge technologies for today's growth industries. From life sciences to automation, Eckstein's methodology brings new life into the advancing high-tech industry.

Our Process1>

From ideation to mass production

R&D Services1>

Evaluating today’s industrial landscape, our engineering specialists put together an end-to-end roadmap of a product’s development lifecycle.

Reliability Testing1>

As part of our development cycle, our team ensures the functionality of our client’s solution via our reliability testing equipment and protocols.

Compliance Testing1>

Our in-house infrastructure and production lines ensure all devices can be brought to fruition by offering small-batch production runs.


A complete tier-one manufacturing facility. We utilize our engineering expertise to manufacture complex B2B devices/solutions.

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