Started in 2016, Vzense team has been focusing on computer vision, image processing, sensor fusion algorithms, and realization of hand gesture and face recognition. In the next following years, thousands of DCAM710 evaluation kits and SDK were shipped to 400+ developers in more than 35 countries all over the world, and we gradually shifted to focus on several critical application scenarios, including face recognition in payment system live user validation, navigation in service robot, volume measurement in logistics, goods detection in warehouse and smart retail, gesture recognition in VR/AR, etc.

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Industrial Automation

Vzense helps develop industrial intelligent manufacturing by achieving high-precision detection, identification, guidance and positioning.


Providing services such as driver detection, gesture recognition and in-vehicle safety monitoring systems for the automotive industry.


Deepen your customer experience by providing an immersive interactive experience for the entertainment industry.

Intelligent Logistics

Vzense's intelligent sensing technology can help you streamline your logistics. Vzense helps allocate resources and intelligently manages logistics and warehousing.

Smart Retail

Combining artificial intelligence with big data, Vzense upgrades smart operations management and creates a new engaging customer experience. 

Robot Vision

Vzense depth camera for your robotics needs, including visual navigation, obstacle avoidance and SLAM of various types of robots.