Arduino UNO Mini Limited Edition Open Box

Eckstein GmbH
2022-03-02 08:05:00 / Arduino

We got some Arduino UNO Limited Edition board, there will be shipping to our storehouse in 1 week.

Today we receive a sample, so Id like to open box, and show you guys.

Open it, first, you can see a beautiful inside box, lets take it out.

One the box, you can fine an Arduino Logo, the picture and name of the board

Keep open. Alright, another box, just a logo on

Keep open again, on the cover, there sign some names, tell you A little jewel as a big THANK YOU for all your loyal support over the years. In the box, I think this is the little jewel, Arduino UNO Mini Limited Edition.

Take the little jewel of, on the back of board we can find pin definition:

Analog in (A0~A5)

Power (IOREF, RST, 3V3, 5V, GND*2, VIN)

Digital PWM~ (RX0, TX1, 2~13, GND, AREF, SDA, SCL)

It's incredible, that a little board, has all the pins just like a normal Arduino UNO board and changes the power input to Type-C. I can't wait to light a LED.

Take a 3W LED module

S--13, V--5V, G--GND.

Test code:

void setup() {

  pinMode(13, OUTPUT);


void loop() {

  digitalWrite(13, HIGH);


  digitalWrite(13, LOW);



Oh my, Thats so......brilliant.