HIMALAYA LoRa (SX1278) 433MHz RF Wireless Transceiver Modul 5dBm-20dBm

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HIMO-01 is a wireless transmission module based on SEMTECH's SX1278 wireless transceiver. It adopts advanced LoRa spread spectrum technology, with a communication distance of 10,000 meters. HIMO-01 comes without built-in MCU, it requires external MCU.

The SX1278 RF module is mainly used for long-range spread spectrum communication. It can resist Minimize current consumption. Thanks to SEMTECH's patented LoRa modulation technology, the SX1278 has a high sensitivity of -148 dBm with a power output of +20 dBm, a long transmission distance and high reliability. At the same time, compared with the traditional modulation technology, LoRa modulation technology has obvious advantages in anti-blocking and selection, which solves the problem that the traditional design scheme can not considering the distance, interference and power consumption at the same time.


  • Communication Interface:SPI
  • Interface level:3,3V TTL 
  • Frequency:410MHz-470MHz 
  • Center frequency:433MHz 
  • Maximum power:19.26dBm
  • Sensitivity:-148dBm
  • transmission distance:10 km
  • supports FSK,GFSK,LoRa,OOK Modulation mode
  • Small size with shield 
  • Dimension: 14mm x 17 mm x 2,5 mm 
  • lead-free, anti-static bag packaging
  • Operating temperature:-40 ~ +85 °C
  • Operating humidity:10% ~ 90%, without condensation 
  • Storage temperature:-40 ~ +125°C

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1x LoRa SX1278 Wireless Modul 433MHz HIMO-01



SX1278 Datasheet

HIMO-01M Datasheet

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