XD-125 kHZ-1050 module EM ID card reader module125kHz ID card module reads the ID module

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the advantages of this product:

, the stability: the product has been used in the entrance guard and building intercom products for many years, now get on taobao to develop more customers;Product stability, no doubt, high-performance AVR single-chip microcomputer control (make electronic all know, the anti-interference ability of the strongest must belong to AVR and PIC oh; this module chooses ATMEGA8 AVR family is the most classical one, and most mature one).

2, easy to use:
(1), wigan 26/34 optional, a jumper cap can be done.
(2), baud rate, optional output wiggins data at the same time, also can through the UART output ID card number, baud rate 9600/19200 optional (can also according to customer needs customization).
(3), four fixed hole, can install on your product, can according to customers' special size).
(4), the coil can be inserted, in actual use, replacing equipment do not need to remove the ring.
(5), product cost, the use of external crystals, work more stable, decoding system is more accurate, baud rate and output more accurate.
(6), lighting instructions:
Charge indicator light: read card, after the completion of credit card will flashing lights;
Normally on the status of, the normal operation of the indicator system.
(7), large area apply copper, guarantee system from outside interference, running more stable.
(8), square coil, more suitable for use in the building intercom, access control products such as.
Batch processing (9), SMT machine, coil made by abrasive, quality more stable, more beautiful appearance, can highlight your products more.
(10), small, beautiful, can be embedded into your system, with your system to complete your needs.

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1 x XD-125 kHZ-1050 module

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