X - DHT11 Temperature Humidity Sensor Shield IOT Tiny NodeMCU Arduino ESP8266

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X-DHT11 is one Temperature and Humidity shield of X-project. You can easily plug this shield to X-8266 and control it by ESP8266.

X-project starts with X-8266 and X-OLED. In some projects hide all the things behind a 1,3" OLED.In the future add more members to this project. X-project will be very easy for beginners to develop IOT.


bull; Relative Humidity and temperature measurement

bull; Full range temperature compensation Calibrated

bull; Digital signal Long term stability

bull; Long transmission distance

bull; Low power consumption

X-DHT11 has a dial switch. You can connect the data pin to any pins you want to connect by this switch.

Pin map :

  • 1~D3
  • 2~D4
  • 3~D5
  • 4~D6
  • 5~D7
  • 6~D8
  • 7~D9
  • 8~D10

For Example: If you want to use D3 to control DHT sensor. Just dial number 1 to the right side. The other numbers keep at the left side. Then you can control DHT sensor with D3 pin.


1 x X-DHT11
2 x Long female 1x7pins
2 x Short female 1x7pins

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