Wireless RF Transceiver Module 433Mhz CC1101 CC1100 Antenna

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RM-1101 232 wireless transparent transmission module, using TI company's high performance CC1101 wireless communications chip, 433 MHz,free ISM band and  free lisence to use, serial communication, use simplly whitout programing, 256 channels, low power consumption,transmission farthest distance can reach more than 200 m, and can be widely used in wireless meter reading, industry control, LED screen graphic updating, and wireless digital domain.

Compare CC1101 and CC1100 :

Improve stray response;
The more closely phase noise better improve adjacent word power (ACP) performance;
Saturation level higher input;
Higher efficiency of power output
The expansion of the continuous frequency band,
CC1100:400-464 MHz and 800-928 MHz
CC1101:387-464 MHz and 779-928 MHz


Low power module, biggest transmission rate:10 mW .
Working voltage: 1.8 V-3.6 V;
Work In 433 MHz ,free ISM band,use without license.
High anti-interference ability and low bit error rate, based on FSK modulation method, Improve the ability of Data random anti-interference and burst anti-interference ability
Support transparent data transmission and DL / 645 statute. Provide transparent data interface, can adapt to any standard or the standard user agreement. Automatic filtering out the air from the false data (Receiver is Transmitter);
Communication software support wireless meter reading system DL / 645 statute.
Biggest programmable channel: 256  (20 M frequency band).There is at least 256 channel in accordance with the 200 KHz interval frequency ;
Large data buffer. Interface baud rate is equal to the air effective baud rate, provide 3 kinds of user can choose baud rate: 4800, 9600, 19200 BPS (interface can be set up to the highest rate of 19200 BPS); Data format for 8 N1/8 E1/8 O1 user defined, but transmission for the longest 30 bytes of data frame, user programmable more flexible.
Intelligence data control, users need not prepare extra procedures. Even if is half duplex communication, users also need not prepare extra program, as long as the/out the data from the interface can be, and other such as air charge/hair conversion, control operation, FT1100-232 module automatically.
The model with high quality silver spring antenna, competitive. Also can be equipped with a variety of other gain rubber antenna, chuck antennas, meet the practical needs.
Communication distance: in straight lines visible cases, antenna position > 2 meters height is placed, 9600 BPS transmission distances of up to 200 meters (and single-chip microcomputer. Such as the distance of the communication through PC and single chip computer communication, because of the influence of electromagnetic radiation, the actual distance for 100-150 meters).
Moudules Size: 41 mm * 21 mm * 5 mm,Antenna length:50mm (The antenna cannot be full directional , it is only 180 degree ) ;

Package inlcuded:
1 x  CC1101 232  transceiver module


Development resources: demo codes, schematic, datasheets, etc.
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