V-TEC LiPo Akku Lithium ion polymer Batterie 3,7V 500mAh JST-PH Connector

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These are very slim, extremely light weight batteries based on the new Polymer Lithium Ion chemistry. This is the highest energy density currently in production. Each cells outputs a nominal 3.7V at 500mAh! This battery comes terminated with a standard 2-pin JST-PH connector - 2mm spacing between pins. Do not attempt to charge these with anything but a charger specifically designed for Lithium Ion batteries. Battery includes built-in protection against over voltage, over current, and minimum voltage.

Technische Daten
  • Dimensions: ca.48mm x 20mm x 5mm
  • Weight: 13g
  • Nominal Capacity: 500mAh
  • Nominal Voltage:3,7V
  • Battery datasheet

1x Lithium ion polymer Batterie 3,7V 500mAh

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