Waveshare UART GPS Module NEO-7M-C onboard straight vertical pinheader

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UART GPS Module, NEO-7M-C onboard, straight/vertical pinheader


  • NEO-7M-C onboard, with high-gain active antenna
  • IPX interface, for connecting different active antennas
  • Chargeable backup battery, keeps the ephemeris data when power down, supports hot starts


  • TTL level, compatible with 3.3V/5V systems
  • Baud rate 9600 only
  • Operating voltage: 2.7V-5.0V (VCC input)
  • Operating current: 35mA
  • TXD/RXD impedance: 510O


  • GPS Navigator
  • Quadcopter Positioning

How to Use

In the case of working with a MCU:

  • VCC: connects to 3.3V/5V
  • GND: connects to GND
  • TXD: connects to MCU.RX
  • RXD: connects to MCU.TX
  • PPS: connects to MCU.IO, timepulse output (optional)

Software Demo

The UART GPS NEO-7M-C module supports software like u-center, GoogleEarth, etc., pretty easy to use. The following pictures show that using the module with u-center:

u-center user interface:

Positioning info on the text console:


Ordering Info

This module provides 2 options for the onboard pinheader:

  • UART GPS NEO-7M-C: curved/horizontal pinheader
  • UART GPS NEO-7M-C (B): straight/vertical pinheader


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Development resources: demo codes, schematic, datasheets, etc.
Wiki: www.waveshare.com/wiki/UART_GPS_NEO-7M-C_(B)

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