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This is the SparkFun BLE Mate 2, an efficient and reliable Bluetooth 4.0 development board. The BLE Mate 2 closely resembles a breakout board, in that nearly every pin on the on-board BC118 module is made available to access. This board is actually a close cousin to our Gold and Silver Bluetooth Mates and functions in a very similar way but, as the name implies, operates as Bluetooth Low Energy instead of Bluetooth 2.0.

The BLE Mate 2 offers a six-pin header on the end opposite the BC118 module which is used as a “host” serial pinout, the same as that on the FTDI Basic boards, which allows the BLE Mate 2 to be connected directly to any device with a matching header, such as the SparkFun Arduino Pro and Pro Mini. Coupled with the FTDI SmartBasic, you can even develop your code without having to swap cables! The board has built-in level translation, so it can be used with boards of higher voltage than the 3.3V default used by the BC118.

Each BLE Mate 2 offers BC118 module that is capable of accepting and transmitting via the UART at 9600bps (default) with a frequency band of 2,402 MHz to 2,480 MHz.

The SparkFun BLE Mate 2 only supports Bluetooth 4.0; it won’t connect to older devices. It’s also worth noting that BLE does not support a Serial Port Protocol as older versions of Bluetooth did; that makes interoperability between BLE dongles, devices, and modules harder than with Bluetooth Classic.

Technical Details of BLE Mate 2

  • Bluetooth Certified 4.0 (BLE)
  • Supply Voltage: 3.3V to 4.7 VDC
  • Low power consumption : 16mA avg
  • Frequency Band: 2,402 MHz to 2,480 MHz
  • Operating Range: 30m
  • Built-in antenna

Technical Details of BC118

  • Bluetooth Certified 4.0 Audio module
  • Single Mode: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Embedded Bluetooth Protocol Stack
  • Supports GATT Profile, Audio, Proximity, and iBeacon
  • Supports I2C and UART transparent Data Modes
  • Simple UART and GPIO interface for command and control
  • Small form factor (14.4mm x 19.3mm x 2.2mm)
  • Bluetooth, FCC and CE certified
  • Frequency Band 2,402 MHz to 2,480 MHz
  • Modulation 8 DPSK, PI/4 DQPSK, GFSK
  • Maximum Data Rate 270kbps (typical 60kbps)
  • Operating Range 30m
  • RF Sensitivity 0.1% BER at -92.5dBm
  • Transmit Power 7.5dBm
  • ADC resolution 10 bits
  • Digital PIOs 12
  • Analog PIOs 3
  • PWN modules 4
  • Supply Voltage 3.3V to 4.7 V DC (Supports Li Ion battery voltage range)
  • Typical Current Tx 16mA (Only on Tx/Rx)
  • Typical Deep Sleep <5µA (Connected)
  • Typical Hibernate <1.9µA (Connected)
  • Typical Dormant >900nA Operating
  • Temperature -40°C to 85°C

You can also cheek our "Dokumente" for more information

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1x SparkFun BLE Mate 2

product_status: retired



Eagle Files

Hookup Guide

Datasheet (BC118)

Command Set Manual

GitHub (Library)

GitHub (Example Code & Design Files)

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