SparkFun Triple Axis Accelerometer Breakout - ADXL345

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This new version adds 2 standoff holes as well as an extra decoupling capacitor. The ADXL345 is a small, thin, low power, 3-axis MEMS accelerometer with high resolution (13-bit) measurement at up to +-16 g. Digital output data is formatted as 16-bit twos complement and is accessible through either a SPI (3- or 4-wire) or I2C digital interface.

The ADXL345 is well suited to measures the static acceleration of gravity in tilt-sensing applications, as well as dynamic acceleration resulting from motion or shock. Its high resolution (4 mg/LSB) enables measurement of inclination changes less than 1.0 degrees;.

Several special sensing functions are provided. Activity and inactivity sensing detect the presence or lack of motion and if the acceleration on any axis exceeds a user-set level. Tap sensing detects single and double taps. Free-fall sensing detects if the device is falling. These functions can be mapped to one of two interrupt output pins. An integrated, patent pending 32-level first in, first out (FIFO) buffer can be used to store data to minimize host processor intervention. Low power modes enable intelligent motion-based power management with threshold sensing and active acceleration measurement at extremely low power dissipation.

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  • 2.0-3.6VDC Supply Voltage
  • Ultra Low Power: 40uA in measurement mode, 0.1uA in standby@ 2.5V
  • Tap/Double Tap Detection
  • Free-Fall Detection
  • SPI and I2C interfaces


Replaces: SEN-09156

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