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The SparkFun Buck-Boost Converter is a handy power accessory board that allows you to fine tune the amount of power your project receives. This converter can take an input voltage of anywhere from 3-16V which can then be regulated to an output voltage between 2.5-9V. With the switch on the bottom of the board, you can set the common output voltages of 3.3V and 5V, but we've also added a custom setting that allows you to solder a resistor based on your custom voltage needs. The GPIO pins have also been broken out along the top of the board for even more control!

In addition to the voltage control, the SparkFun Buck-Boost Converter uses a switching DC/DC converter, which is more efficient than a linear regulator. More efficiency means less energy is wasted in the form of heat. With built-in overtemperature protection and an optional heatsink, you can achieve up to 95% efficiency rating.


  • Input voltage range of 3-16V
  • Output voltage adjustable from 2.5-9V
  • Three selectable output voltages: 3.3V, 5V, or custom
  • GPIO broken out for additional control
  • Operating die temperature range of -40 to +125°C
  • Optional Heatsink
  • Up to 95% Efficiency
  • Overtemperature Protection

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1x SparkFun Buck-Boost Converter



Eagle Files

Hookup Guide

Datasheet (TPS63070)

GitHub Hardware Repo

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