Solarbotics GMB28 (GM2 GM8 Gear Motor Bracket, Laser-Cut Steel)

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The Solarbotics GM2 and GM8 gear motors have convenient holes for mounting, but these precision laser-cut steel mounting brackets add to their versatility. This bracket will also work with the BCM 60:1 and 120:1 gear motors.

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The provided mounting holes in the Solarbotics GM2 and GM8 gear motors are a convenient way to mount the motors to your project, but sometimes you just need a different way to mount them. These precision laser-cut steel brackets match the features on the gear motors and securely clamp them down to your project.

Use any #4-sized screw, nut, or bolt for assembly. You can also use special #4×1/2" screws designed for threading plastic.

Note: Some GM2 motors were molded a bit fatter around the tab that the motor retainer screws into. This interferes with the side-notches in the bracket when you install it. To get around this problem, you will have to make the side notches a bit deeper with a file.

Our stamped aluminum L-bracket and extended stamped aluminum L-bracket for Pololu plastic gearmotors also work with the Solarbotics GM2, GM3, GM8, and GM9 gearmotors and can be used as an alternative to this bracket, though you might need longer screws than the ones that are included with them.

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