Sensor Shield V1.1 Expansion Board für Arduino Mega Xbee wireless SD Bluetooth

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We use the MEGA production of interactive works, it often will use some of the sensors or circuit modules. For those familiar with electronic circuitry of the people, to build a simple circuit using a breadboard module or universal board of course is effortless, but for those not familiar with the circuit or the slightly more complex circuit is concerned, it seems not so easy.    

Using this sensor expansion board will be able to easily connect some common sensor (fully support all sensor OUR). To create interactive works of people, the focus is not on a specific circuit structure, but can achieve what needs to function. So some of the specific features of the sensor module is connected to the sensor expansion board, we need to consider how to use the to write the appropriate program to read these sensors pass over the data, and ultimately complete their work needs.    


  • 1. Expansion 54 digital IO ports (48 servo interface) and power;
  • 2.16 Analog IO ports and power;
  • 3.1 digital port external power supply terminal;
  • 4. Digital port external power supply and automatic switch-board;
  • 5. ISP download interface
  • 6.3 external serial interface
  • 7. reset button;
  • 8. Xbee / APC / Bluetooh Bee Bluetooth wireless data transmission interface;
  • 9. IIC / I2C / TWI interface;
  • 10. 3.3V output port;
  • 11. SD card module interface;
  • 12.3 serial interface;
  • 13. L (PIN13) indicator.

Example of Use:

  • Sensor Shield V1.1 for Arduino Mega + Mega 2560 R3 ATMEGA

Shipping Content:

1 x Sensor Shield V1.1 Expansion Board for Arduino MEGA

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