Raspberry Pi Camera Supports Night Vision 5 Megapixel with Infrared LED

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Raspberry Pi Camera Module, Supports Night Vision


  • Raspberry Pi Night Vision Camera, supports all revisions of the Pi
  • 5 megapixel OV5647 sensor
  • Camera specifications
    • CCD size : 1/4inch
    • Aperture (F) : 2.9
    • Focal Length : 3.29MM
    • Diagonal : 72.4 degree
    • Sensor best resolution : 1080p
  • 4 screw holes
    • Used for attachment
    • Provides 3.3V power output
    • Supports connecting infrared LED and/or fill flash LED
  • Dimension : 25mm x 24mm x 6mm

Light-sensing Infrared LED Board, Wide Field of View


  • 3W high-power 850 infrared LED
  • Onboard photoresistor, the ambient light detector
  • Onboard adjustable resistor, for controlling the ambient light threshold of toggling the infrared LED
  • Allows adding night vision function to cameras which feature embedded infrared filter :

How to Use

  1. Connect the Infrared LED Board to the camera PCB by screws
    • The screw holes are used for both attachment and power supply
  2. Adjust the adjustable resistor to set a proper ambient light threshold, which toggles the infrared LED automatically
    • When ambient light is lower than threshold value, the infrared LED is on, vice versa

Note :

  • Limited by the Raspberry Pi power supply, the 3W high-power infrared LED might cause the Pi to increase heating, heat sinks are suggested.
  • Ideal imaging distance is within 3m. When the distance goes up to 6m, the night vision camera can just capture blurry outlines.


Development resources:user manual, etc.
Download: www.waveshare.com/wiki/RPi_Camera_(E)


Weight: 0.058 kg

  • RPi Camera (E) × 1
  • Infrared LED Board (B) × 2
  • 15-pin FFC (opposite sides contact) × 1 

Selection Guide

Artikelnummer Name Pixel(mega) Sensor Adjustable-focus Angle of View(degree) Dimensions(mm)
WS86003 RPi Camera (A) 5 OV5647   72,4 25x24x9
WS86004 RPi Camera (B) 5 OV5647 X 75,7 32x32
WS86013 RPi Camera (C) 5 OV5647   72,4 25x24x9
WS86012 RPi Camera (D) 5 OV5647   72,4 25x24x9
WS86011 RPi Camera (E) 5 OV5647   72,4 25x24x6
WS86010 RPi Camera (F) 5 OV5647 X 75,7 25x24
WS86009 RPi Camera (G) 5 OV5647 X 160 25x24
WS86008 RPi Camera (I) 5 OV5647 X 170 32x32

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