Raspberry Pi Camera Fisheye Lens Supports Night Vision 5 Megapixel FFC with Infrared LED

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Raspberry Pi Camera Module, Fisheye Lens, Wider Field of View, Supports Night Vision


  • Raspberry Pi die Kamera, unterstützt alle Revisionen der Pi
  • Fisheye-Objektiv bietet breiteres Sichtfeld
  • Kommt mit Infrarot-LED, unterstützt Nachtsicht
  • 5-Megapixel-Sensor OV5647
  • Technische Daten der Kamera
    • CCD-Größe: 1/4 Zoll
    • Öffnung (F): 2,35
    • Brennweite: einstellbar
    • Sichtfeld: 160 Grad (während andere normale Kameras sind in der Regel 72 Grad)
      • Diagonal Winkel: 160 Grad
      • Horizontalwinkel: 120 Grad
    • Sensor beste Auflösung: 1080p
  • 4 Schraubenlöcher
    • Verwendet für die Befestigung
    • Bietet 3,3V Leistung
    • Unterstützt Anschluss Infrarot-LED und / oder Aufhellblitz LED
  • Maße: 25 mm x 24 mm
  • Brennweite: ca. 10 cm bis unendlich
  • Wellenlängen Spezifikation einer Infrarot-LED: 850 nm


Light-sensing Infrared LED Board, Wide Field of View


  • 3W high-power 850 infrared LED
  • Onboard photoresistor, the ambient light detector
  • Onboard adjustable resistor, for controlling the ambient light threshold of toggling the infrared LED
  • Allows adding night vision function to cameras which feature embedded infrared filter :

How to Use

  1. Connect the Infrared LED Board to the camera PCB by screws
    • The screw holes are used for both attachment and power supply
  2. Adjust the adjustable resistor to set a proper ambient light threshold, which toggles the infrared LED automatically
    • When ambient light is lower than threshold value, the infrared LED is on, vice versa

Note :

  • Limited by the Raspberry Pi power supply, the 3W high-power infrared LED might cause the Pi to increase heating, heat sinks are suggested.
  • Ideal imaging distance is within 3m. When the distance goes up to 6m, the night vision camera can just capture blurry outlines.


Weight: 0.058 kg

  1. RPi Camera (H) × 1
  2. Infrared LED Board (B) × 2
  3. 15-pin FFC (opposite sides contact) × 1

Selection Guide

ArtikelnummerNamePixel(mega)SensorAdjustable-focusAngle of View(degree)Dimensions(mm)
WS86003RPi Camera (A)5OV5647 72,425x24x9
WS86004RPi Camera (B)5OV5647X75,732x32
WS86013RPi Camera (C)5OV5647 72,425x24x9
WS86012RPi Camera (D)5OV5647 72,425x24x9
WS86011RPi Camera (E)5OV5647 72,425x24x6
WS86010RPi Camera (F)5OV5647X75,725x24
WS86009RPi Camera (G)5OV5647X16025x24
WS86008RPi Camera (I)5OV5647X17032x32

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