Qwiic Connect System

The SparkFun Qwiic adapter board is the perfect board to use if you need to make any old I2C board into a Qwiic enabled board. This adapter breaks out the I2C pins from the Qwiic connectors to pins that you can easily solder with your favorite I2C enabled device.

All of the products connect to each other using Qwiic cables which come in a wide range of sizes, this means there's no need for any fiddly soldering letting you get your prototype up and running in no time.

You can connect multiple devices together in a row effectively "daisy chaining" them together  thanks to the I2C  protocol. This means using less connections on your host device and expanding any system with ease. We sell all the available lengths of Qwiic cables, 50mm,100mm, 200mm, 500mm and even one for use with a breadboards.

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