Pololu Orangutan SVP-324 Robot Controller (assembled)

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The Orangutan SVP robot controller is a complete control solution for small and medium-sized robots running at 6 ? 13.5 V. The module is designed around the powerful Atmel ATmega324PA AVR microcontroller (32 KB flash, 2 KB RAM, and 1 KB EEPROM) or ATmega1284P (128 KB flash, 16 KB RAM, and 4 KB EEPROM) running at 20 MHz and features a full complement of peripheral hardware to support robotics applications: dual motor drivers capable of delivering 2 A continuous (6 peak) per channel, a demultiplexer for easy control of up to eight servos with a single hardware PWM, a removable 16×2 character LCD with backlight, a user trimmer potentiometer, a buzzer for simple sounds and music, three user pushbuttons, and two user LEDs. The board also provides 21 free I/O lines, of which 12 can be used as analog inputs, and two switching buck (step-down) voltage regulators?one for the 5V bus and one adjustable from 2.5 V to 85% of VIN?each capable of supplying 3 A, which means there?s plenty of room and power for adding sensors, servos, and other peripherals.

Main Features

  • Overall unit dimensions: 3.70" × 2.20"
  • Input voltage: 6 ? 13.5 V
  • Programmable 20 MHz Atmel ATmega324PA AVR microcontroller with 32 KB flash, 2 KB SRAM, and 1 KB EEPROM (SVP-324 version)
  • Programmable 20 MHz Atmel ATmega1284P AVR microcontroller with 128 KB flash, 16 KB RAM, and 4 KB EEPROM (SVP-1284 version)
  • Built-in USB AVR ISP programmer (USB A to mini-B cable included)
  • 2 bidirectional motor ports (2 A continuous per channel, 6 A maximum per channel)
  • 8-output demultiplexer tied to one of the user AVR?s hardware PWMs for easy control of up to 8 servos
  • 21 free I/O lines
    • 17 free I/O lines on the main AVR MCU, of which 8 can be analog inputs
    • 4 input lines on the auxiliary processor, which can be either 4 analog inputs or dual quadrature encoder inputs
    • 2 hardware UARTs
  • Removable 16-character × 2-line LCD with backlight
  • Primary 5V switching regulator capable of supplying 3 A
  • Secondary adjustable (2.5 V ? 85% of VIN) buck (step-down) voltage regulator capable of supplying 3 A
  • Buzzer tied to one of the user AVR?s hardware PWMs
  • 3 user pushbutton switches
  • 2 user LEDs
  • Power (push-on/push-off) and reset pushbutton switches
  • Power circuit makes it easy to add extra power buttons and provides a self-shutdown option
  • Auxiliary processor (connected via SPI) provides:
    • Battery voltage reading
    • User trimmer potentiometer reading
    • Integrated USB connection
    • In-System-Programming of the main processor
    • Ability to read two quadrature encoders
  • Comprehensive user?s guide


  • Size:3.70" x 2.20"
  • Weight:2.7 oz

General specifications

  • Processor:ATmega324PA @ 20 MHz with auxiliary PIC
  • RAM size:2048 bytes
  • Program memory size:32 Kbytes
  • Motor driver:Dual TB6612FNGs
  • Motor channels:2
  • User I/O lines:211
  • Max current on a single I/O:40 mA
  • Minimum operating voltage:6 V
  • Maximum operating voltage:13.5 V
  • Continuous output current per channel:2 A
  • Peak output current per channel:6 A
  • Current sense:0.85 V/A
  • Maximum PWM frequency:80 kHz
  • Reverse voltage protection?:Y
  • External programmer required?:N
  • LCD included?:Y


1.17 on the AVR, of which 8 can be analog inputs. 4 inputs on the auxiliary processor for quadrature encoders or analog.

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