Pololu Micro Metal Gearmotor Bracket Pair - Black

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This compact bracket enables convenient mounting of popular, Sanyo-style micro metal gearmotors. The black plastic bracket encloses the otherwise exposed gears, and the mounting tabs capture the nuts for easy installation. The brackets are sold in pairs, and each bracket comes with two #2 screws and two nuts.

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These plastic mounting brackets allow you to easily and securely mount the ubiquitous 10 mm × 12 mm × 26 mm metal gearhead motors first popularized by Sanyo?s 12GN series (e.g. NA1S?NA3S), such as our micro metal gearmotors. We offer these brackets in black plastic and white plastic, and we offer an extended version that might work better for particular applications.

Four #2-56×7/16" screws and four nuts are included.

Micro metal gearmotor mounted to a piece of acrylic with black mounting bracket version.
Micro metal gearmotor mounted to a piece of acrylic with black mounting bracket version.

These brackets have mounting holes that are very close to the output shaft end of the motor, which could cause mounting difficulties if your wheels have recessed hubs like the Pololu Wheel 42×19 mm. For such applications we recommend the extended version of this bracket.

Note: This bracket also works with the 1000:1 micro metal gearmotors, but because of its longer gearbox, it does not fully enclose the exposed gears the way it does on the other micro metal gearmotors.

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