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Pololu Jrk G2 21v3 USB Motor Controller with Feedback (Connectors Soldered)

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With integrated support for analog voltage or tachometer (frequency) feedback, the second-generation G2 family of Jrk motor controllers makes it easy to add closed-loop control of speed or position (but not both!) of a single brushed DC motor to a variety of projects. These versatile, general-purpose modules support five different control interfaces: USB for direct connection to a computer, TTL serial and I²C for use with a microcontroller, RC hobby servo pulses for use in an RC system, and analog voltages for use with a potentiometer or analog joystick. They also offer many settings that can be configured using our free configuration software utility for Windows, Linux, and macOS. This software simplifies initial setup of the device and allows for in-system testing and monitoring of the controller via USB (a micro-B USB cable is required to connect the Jrk G2 to a computer).


  • Easy open-loop or closed-loop control of one brushed DC motor
  • A variety of control interfaces:
    • USB for direct connection to a computer
    • TTL serial operating at 5 V for use with a microcontroller
    • I²C for use with a microcontroller
    • RC hobby servo pulses for use in an RC system
    • Analog voltage for use with a potentiometer or analog joystick
  • Feedback options:
    • Analog voltage (0 V to 5 V), for making a closed-loop servo system
    • Frequency, for closed-loop speed control using pulse counting (for higher-frequency feedback) or pulse timing (for lower-frequency feedback)
    • None, for open-loop speed control
    • Note: the Jrk does not support using quadrature encoders for position control
  • Ultrasonic 20 kHz PWM for quieter operation (can be configured to use 5 kHz instead)
  • Simple configuration and calibration over USB with free configuration software utility (for Windows, Linux, and macOS)
  • Configurable parameters include:
    • PID period and PID coefficients (feedback tuning parameters)
    • Maximum current
    • Maximum duty cycle
    • Maximum acceleration and deceleration
    • Error response
    • Input calibration (learning) for analog and RC control
  • Optional CRC error detection eliminates communication errors caused by noise or software faults
  • Reversed-power protection
  • Field-upgradeable firmware
  • Optional feedback potentiometer disconnect detection


Size: 1.2? × 1.0? × 0.47?
Weight: 7.5 g

General specifications

Motor channels: 1
Control interface: USB; non-inverted TTL serial; I²C;
RC servo pulses; analog voltage
Minimum operating voltage: 4.5 V1
Maximum operating voltage: 28 V2
Continuous output current per channel: 2.6 A3
Maximum PWM frequency: 20 kHz
Reverse voltage protection?: Y
Version: G2 21v3 (28 V max, 2.6 A max continuous)
Connectors soldered?: Y


  1. Powering the Jrk G2 21v3 with a supply voltage between 4.5 V and 5.5 V might cause its logic voltage to be lower than normal, which could affect operation. See the user?s guide for more information.
  2. Transient operation (
  3. Typical results at room temperature running at 90% duty cycle with VIN > 8 V. Operation from 4.5 V to 8 V reduces maximum current output.

Package List

1x Jrk G2 21v3 USB Motor Controller with Feedback (Connectors Soldered)


User?s Guide


Jrk G2 Software and Drivers for Windows

Jrk G2 Software for Linux (x86)

Jrk G2 Software for Linux (Raspberry Pi)

Jrk G2 Software for macOS

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