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Six handy touch-sensitive buttons and LEDs for your micro:bit. Use touch:bit as a controller for games on micro:bit's LED matrix, or combine it with the radio functionality and use it as a controller for your robot.

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Just slot in your micro:bit, then code touch:bit with the block-based Microsoft MakeCode editor. You can easily link functions to specific button presses, have the LEDs on each button light automatically on a touch, or set the LEDs manually.


  • Comes fully-assembled and ready to use
  • 6 capacitive touch buttons
  • 6 bright white LEDs
  • CAP1166 capacitive touch and LED driver
  • Compatible with micro:bit
  • Microsoft MakeCode and MicroPython support
  • No soldering required!


You can code touch:bit with the block-based Microsoft MakeCode editor.

To add the touch:bit library in MakeCode, click on the cog at the top right hand corner, then "Add Package", then paste in the URL for the library: "https://github.com/pimoroni/pxt-touchbit". You can find full instructions at the GitHub repository for the library.

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