Pimoroni Scroll pHAT HD 17x7 Matrix Individual PWM Brightness Control IS31FL3731 LED Matrix Driver

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A whole heap of LED pixels with individual brightness control, for scrolling messages, animations, and more - Scroll pHAT HD!

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Scroll pHAT HD packs 17x7 pixels (119 total) onto a single pHAT, and gives you full PWM brightness control over each pixel. Create beautiful animations and even anti-aliased text by taking advantage of the per-pixel brightness.

Now also available in beautiful coloured versions: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and pink!

Use Scroll pHAT HD as a scrolling message display for your tweets, the weather or the news, or use it as a 17-band spectrum analyser for your audio. There's even enough pixels for simple games like Tetris, Pong, or snake.


  • 17x7 matrix of bright white, or coloured, pixels (119 total)
  • Individual PWM brightness control of each pixel
  • Uses the IS31FL3731 LED matrix driver chip
  • Scroll pHAT HD pinout
  • Compatible with all 40-pin header Raspberry Pi models
  • Python library
  • Female header requires soldering


Our handy one-line installer will install the Scroll pHAT HD Python library for you. We've included a bunch of examples too, to show off what you can do with Scroll pHAT HD.

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