Pi Supply Flick HAT Plastic Case White and Orange Spice up Flick HAT

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Spice up your Flick HAT and Raspberry Pi with a stylish white and orange Flick HAT case! The case is made up of three parts; an orange base and a white two piece lid.

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This lid can be used in two different setups in either an open or closed position, allowing you to hide your Raspberry Pi and Flick HAT, or keep it visible to the world. Flick can work through materials such as acrylic, wood and glass so our plastic case (even when the lid is in the closed position) will not negatively impact any of the fun you can have with Flick! 

The Flick HAT case features two knockout holes on the lid panels which can be pushed out with a pen. Four suction cups come as standard and can be installed in the knockout holes. The suction cups can be mounted on many different surfaces such as glass, plastic, or wood and still be removed easily.

Perhaps you want to set up your Flick HAT & Raspberry Pi to only allow entry through a door if you swipe the right pattern – with this case, you could mount it right next to the door without the need to drill any holes or hammer any nails.


  • Dimensions: 8.9cm x 6.5cm x 2.8cm


User Guide


4xsuction cups

1xorange base

2xlid pieces

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