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Open3S250E is an FPGA development board that consists of the mother board DVK601 and the FPGA core board Core3S250E.Open3S250E supports further expansion with various optional accessory boards for specific application. The modular and open design makes it the ideal for starting application development with XILINX Spartan-3E series FPGA devices.


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FPGA development board designed for XILINX Spartan-3E series, features the XC3S250E onboard, and integrates various standard interfaces, pretty easy for peripheral expansions.

XC3S250E development board

Open3S250E is an FPGA development board that consists of the mother board DVK601 and the FPGA core board Core3S250E.

Open3S250E supports further expansion with various optional accessory boards for specific application. The modular and open design makes it the ideal for starting application development with XILINX Spartan-3E series FPGA devices.

What's on the mother board

FPGA CPLD development board on board resource
  1. FPGA CPLD core board connector: for easily connecting core boards which integrate an FPGA CPLD chip onboard
  2. 8I/Os_1 interface, for connecting accessory boards/modules
  3. 8I/Os_2 interface, for connecting accessory boards/modules
  4. 8I/Os_3 interface, for connecting accessory boards/modules
  5. 8I/Os_4 interface, for connecting accessory boards/modules
  6. 16I/Os_1 interface, for connecting accessory boards/modules
  7. 16I/Os_2 interface, for connecting accessory boards/modules
  8. 32I/Os_1 interface, for connecting accessory boards/modules
  9. 32I/Os_2 interface, for connecting accessory boards/modules

All the I/O interfaces above:

  • capable of being simulated as USART, I2C, SPI, PS/2, etc.
  • capable of driving devices such as FRAM, FLASH, USB, Ethernet, etc.
  1. FPGA expansion connectors
    • FPGA pins are accessible on expansion connectors
    • for connecting SDRAM accessory board
  2. LCD interface, for connecting LCD22, LCD12864, LCD1602
  3. ONE-WIRE interface: easily connects to ONE-WIRE devices (TO-92 package), such as temperature sensor (DS18B20), electronic registration number (DS2401), etc.
  4. Buzzer
  5. Joystick: five positions
  6. Potentiometer: for LCD22 backlight adjustment, or LCD12864, LCD1602 contrast adjustment
  7. Buzzer jumper
  8. Joystick jumper
  9. ONE-WIRE jumper

For jumpers 16-18:

  • short the jumper to connect to I/Os used in example code
  • open the jumper to connect to other custom pins via jumper wires

The DVK601 supports a wide range of different core boards, therefore, some of the interfaces may be Not-Connected and useless while connecting to certain core board. For instance, while connecting to Core3S250E, the '? 8I/Os_3' and '? 8I/Os_4' are Not-Connected.

What's on the Core3S250E

XC3S250E core board on board resource
  1. XC3S250E: the XILINX Spartan-3E FPGA device which features:
    • Operating Frequency: 50MHz
    • Operating Voltage: 1.15V~3.3V
    • Package: QFP144
    • I/Os: 80
    • LEs: 250K
    • RAM: 216kb
    • DCMs: 4
    • Debugging/Programming: supports JTAG
  2. AMS1117-3.3, 3.3V voltage regulator
  3. AMS1117-2.5, 2.5V voltage regulator
  4. AMS1117-1.2, 1.2V voltage regulator
  5. XCF02S, onboard serial FLASH memory, for storing code
  6. Power indicator
  7. LEDs
  8. FPGA initialization indicator
  9. Reset button
  10. nCONFIG button: for re-configuring the FPGA chip, the equivalent of power reseting
  11. Power switch
  12. 50M active crystal oscillator
  13. 5V DC jack
  14. JTAG interface: for debugging/programming
  15. FPGA pins expander, VCC, GND and all the I/O ports are accessible on expansion connectors for further expansion
  16. LED jumpers

Note: The Open3S250E does NOT integrate any programming/debugging function, a programmer/debugger is required.


The Open3S250E FPGA development board comes with various examples codes for the supported peripherals, which give you a quick start to develop your own application.

PCF85914xAD, 1xDAI2CY 
DS18B20Temperature sensor1-WIREY 
SP3232Serial communicationUARTYY
SP3485Serial communicationUARTYY
BuzzerSound device1I/O (PWM)YY
PS/2 keyboardInput devicePS/2YY
Single buttonsInput device----YY
4x4 keypadInput device8I/OsYY
JoystickInput device5I/OsYY
LEDDisplay device----YY
8 SEG LEDDisplay device13I/OsYY
VGA monitorDisplay deviceVGAYY
Character LCDDisplay device11I/OsYY
Graphic LCDDisplay device11I/OsYY

Debugging/Programming Interface

The Open3S250E FPGA development board integrates JTAG interface for programming/debugging.

JTAG Signal Names & Description

PinSignal NameDescription
1GNDSignal ground
2VCC(TRGT)Target power supply
3GNDSignal ground
4TMSJTAG state machine control
5GNDSignal ground
6TCKClock signal
7GNDSignal ground
8TDOData from device
9GNDSignal ground
10TDIData to device
11GNDSignal ground
13GNDSignal ground
15GNDSignal ground

JTAG Header Pinout

 JTAG header pinout

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