Waveshare NRF24L01 RF Board (B) Wireless 2.4G solution for SPI interface, horizontal pinheaders

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The NRF24L01 RF Board (B) is an accessory board offers wireless 2.4G solution with NRF24L01 onboard. It uses SPI interface for communication. The board is ideal for applications such as wireless data transmission, multicast, and frequency-hopping communication.

Technical Details of NRF24L01 RF Board(A)

  • Onboard original NRF24L01, much more stable than knock-offs
  • Wireless 2.4G solution for SPI interface
  • Embedded 2.4GHz antenna
  • Communication distance (open outdoor environment):
    • Up to 55m, few or none packet loss (software configuration: 250kbps, 0dBm, low noise amplifier gain)
  • SPI interface pinout is compatible with some Open series boards
  • SMD 0402 resistor/capacitor, lower cost for bulk purchase


  • Only ONE NRF24L01 onboard, while at least TWO NRF24L01 are required to communicate with each other
  • Operating voltage: 1.9V~3.6V (NEVER more than 3.6V)

Technical Details of NRF24L01

  • True single chip GFSK transceiver
  • Complete OSI Link Layer in hardware
  • Enhanced ShockBurst? 
  • Auto ACK & retransmit 
  • Address and CRC computation 
  • On the air data rate 1 or 2Mbps
  • Digital interface (SPI) speed 0-10 Mbps
  • 125 RF channel operation
  • Short switching time enable frequency hopping 
  • Fully RF compatible with nRF24XX 
  • 5V tolerant signal input pads 
  • 20-pin package (QFN20 4x4mm)
  • Uses ultra low cost +/- 60 ppm crystal
  • Uses low cost chip inductors and 2-layer PCB
  • Power supply range: 1.9 to 3.6 V

You can also check our "Dokumente" for more information

Package List:

NRF24L01 RF Board (B) × 1


nRF24L01 Datasheet



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