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mCookie-Core+ is a 8-bit microcontroller development board with Atmel ATmega1284P and ATmega644PA serials as the core. And it is an open-source and compatible-with-mCookie-Core+ controller module.


  • Strong configuration. It has 128KB Flash and 16KB SRAM, as biggest as possible.
  • Small, cheap, stackable and open;
  • Open-source hardware circuit design and compatible-with-Arduino programming development environment;
  • Unified mCookie interface specification and abundant peripheral module, which make it can be extended and connected with other modules and sensors which meet the Microduino/mCookie interface specification;


  • MCU type: ATmega644PA
  • Flash: 64K
  • SRAM: 4K
  • EEPROM: 2K
  • Clock Frequency: 16M
  • Working Voltage: 5.0V

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