Microduino WiFi Weather Station OLED Display PM2,5 Detection ESP8266 Wireless communication

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The build it yourself Microduino WiFi Weather Station reads and displays temperature, air humidity, light intensity, dangerous gas levels, and air quality levels (PM 2.5) in the surrounding environment. Data is displayed and can be accessed wirelessly over WiFi with the use of Blynk.

  • Detects temperature, air humidity, light intensity, dangerous gas levels and air quality levels (PM 2.5)
  • Wirelessly access environmental data from a mobile device, Android or iOS, with the Blynk app
  • OLED screen displays current environmental conditions
  • Uses the Microduino Series modules
  • Customizable Open Source code
  • Contains all required electronics and enclosure materials

Monitor Environmental Conditions

The Microduino WiFi Weather Station contains several sensors to read the surrounding environmental conditions such as temperature, air humidity, and light intensity. The station can also detect dangerous gas levels from sources such as ammonia, alcohol, hydrogen sulfide, toluene and hydrogen. Air quality levels are detected and based on the amount of fine particulate matter (PM 2.5) in the air.

Access Data Wireless

The ESP8266 WiFi chip (included) adds wireless communication to the Weather Station. The station utilizes the Blynk platform to allow wireless access of environmental data on mobile devices with Android or iOS. The data can be accessed anywhere around the world over the Internet.

On Screen Display

The OLED screen on the Weather Station shows the current environmental conditions.

Microduino Series Modules

This kit incorporates various Microduino Series modules. The Microduino Series is a set of modules which are Arduino compatible, have a small form factor, stack-able, modular, and re-usable. The modules were designed for hobbyists and tinkers to quickly create and prototype projects.

A Complete Kit

The kit contains everything needed to make the Microduino WiFi Weather Station. Electronic hardware from the embedded processor (Core+ module) to the various sensors are included. Also included are the precision laser cut enclosure pieces to house the electronic hardware. The Open Source code is provided and can be modified for personal customization.


User Guide


  • 1x Microduino Core+ (644pa)
  • 1x Microduino USBTTL-C
  • 1x Microduino WiFi (ESP8266) Module
  • 1x Microduino OLED Module
  • 1x Microduino Hub
  • 1x Microduino Shield Cube (S1)
  • 1x Microduino Temperature & Humidity (S2) Sensor
  • 1x Microduino Light (A1) Sensor
  • 1x Microduino Air Quality Sensor
  • 1x Microduino Dust Sensor
  • 1x Adhesive Tape (for Air Quality Sensor)
  • 1x 6 pin to 4 pin Cable (for Air Quality Sensor)
  • 1x MicroUSB Cable
  • 1x Flathead Screwdriver
  • 8x Nylon Screw M2x8
  • 8x Nylon Nut  M2
  • 1x Weather Station Enclosure Sheets

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