Microduino USBHOST with USB host controller USB peripherie

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Microduino USBHOST mainly offers the USB host function for devices, supporting USB host controller and USB peripherals, such as mobile phones with OTG function, keyboards, joystick, and camera.


  • Support MicroUSB interface;
  • Small, cheap, stackable and open;
  • Open hardware circuit design and Arduino compatible programming development environment;
  • Uniform Microduino interface standard and rich peripheral modules, capable of having a fast and flexible connection and extension with other modules and sensors in accord with Microduino interface standard;
  • Easy to be integrated to pegboards with a 2.45-pitch female header connector interface.


  • Electrical specifications
    • 3.3V or 5V power;
    • 5V/500mA power protocol of the USB host;
    • Adopt TC74HC4050 level conversion chip and ensure high anti-interference and stable output;
    • D+, D- and VBCOMP with ESD protection function;
    • The internal D+ pull-up resistor (peripherals mode) and D+/D- pull-down resistor (host mode) controlled by firmware/hardware;
  • Device Support?
    • HID devices, such as keyboards, mouse, joystick and so on;
    • Game controller: Sony PS3, Nintendo Wii and XBOX360;
    • USB-to-serial converter: FTDI, PL-2303, ACM and mobile phones with OTG function and GPS receiver;
    • Android mobile with ADK function;
    • Digital Camera: Canon EOS's Powershot, Nikon digital SLR cameras and P&S as well as general PTP;
    • Mass storage devices, such as U disk, card reader and the external hard drive;
    • Bluetooth dongle.

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1 x Microduino USBHOST with USB host controller USB peripherals 

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