Microduino Stepper Shield DMOS Microstep Driving Plate with Transverter and Overcurrent Protection

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Microduino-Shield Stepper is a DMOS microstep driving plate with a transverter and overcurrent protection, which can drive a two phase stepping motor under the full, half, 1/4, 1/8 and 1/16 stepping mode, and can operate four motors at most at the same time.


Stepping motor is a kind of electromagnetic device which can transform the pulse signal into corresponding angular displacement?or line displacement?, and it is a special motor. Motors operate continuously generally, while the stepping motor has positioning and operating two basic states. When there is a pulse inputted, the stepping motor rotates step by step, and it can turn a fixed angle each time to give it a pulse signal.

  • Wide power input range
  • Suitable for two phase four-wire stepping motor, and driving 4 at most.
  • With only simple stepping and direction controlling interfaces, easy to be controlled.
  • Five different stepping modes?Full, half, 1/4, 1/8 and 1/16.
  • With an adjustable trim pot that can adjust the maximum current output, to obtain higher stepping rate.
  • With automatic current attenuation pattern detection/option.
  • With overheating shut down, under voltage lock, and crossover-current protection, three functions.
  • Upin27 base, can combine with more Microduino modules.
  • With a small base, 46.99mm*40.64mm


  • Electric
    • 5V stable pressure: Adopt ETA1483 step-down scheme, and the range of the operating voltage is 4.5V~18V, the maximum output current is 2A.
    • 3.3V stable voltage: AMS1117 stable voltage scheme, and the maximum current can reach at 1A.
    • Input voltage detection. A7 pin can detect the input power voltage.
  • Motor drive
    • With 4 A4988SETTR stepping motor drivers, and the driving power is taken from the input power, and the maximum current of each routine can reach at 2A.

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1 x Microduino Stepper Shield DMOS Microstep Driving Plate


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