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  • Compatible with the pin of Arduino Uno;
  • Uniform Microduino interface standard and rich peripheral modules, capable of having a fast and flexible connection and extension with other modules and sensors meeting Microduino interface standard;
  • Onboard analog button and sensor interface;


  • Electrical specification
    • MicroUSB power supply;
    • 3.3V constant voltage;
    • Select the 5V or 3.3V power via PWR jumper(The default voltage is 3.3V);
    • Onboard power supply indicator(5V and PWR).
  • Extension
    • Onboard reset button;
    • The fixed OLED base;
    • Two serial ports including (RX0, TX0)and (D2, D3);
    • Two IIC interfaces;
      • Two analog button interfaces connected to A7;
    • The sensor interface can be selected and combined through jumpers:
      • PWR, A3, GND, PWR or PWR, A3, GND, GND or PWR, D6, GND, PWR or PWR, D6, GND,GND (Users can make the connection as they like).

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