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Microduino NFC is a two-way connection and identification module for close range wireless communication, work at 13.56MHz frequency, about 10cm working distance and realize the data exchange and service.


  • Adopt highly integrated contactless reading and writing PN532 chip with a 80C51 microcontroller core of 40kB ROM and 1 KB RAM.
  • Integrate the RF field detector and data mode detector.
  • With low-power mode, hardware power-down mode and software power-down mode.
  • Support Mifare Classic encryption in reading and writing mode, offering 212kbit/s and 424 kbit/s two kinds of higher data transmission rates.
  • Support 106kbit/s, 212kbit/s and 424kbit/s communication rate in FeliCa mode.
  • Integrate the NFCIP-1's RF interface with transmission rate up to 424kbit/s.


  • Power supply (2.7V-5.5V).
  • With specific I/O port to control external devices.
  • With default working distance of more than 50mm under reading & writing mode.
  • With default working distance up to 50mm under NFCIP-1 mode.
  • With default working distance of about 100mm under FeliCa mode.
  • The reading & writing mode supports ISO/IEC 14443A/MIFARE, FeliCa and ISO/IEC 14443B mechanism.
  • FeliCa mode supports ISO 14443A / MIFARE and FeliCa mechanism.
  • Adopt IIC communication mode.

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1 x Microduino NFC two-way Wireless Connection and Identification Module

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