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This probably is the most exquisite GPS module you've seen, which adopts UBLOX NEO-6M as its core with high sensitivity and update rate up to 5Hz. Besides, it owns a mini ceramic antenna with IPEX interface as well as a rechargeable backup battery.


  • High sensitivity
  • Update rate up to 5Hz
  • Own a powerful PC support: u-center;
  • With PPS indicator, it is very convenient for us to judge the current status of the module;
  • Own a built-in rechargeable backup battery(support warm or hot start);
  • Small, cheap, stackable and open;
  • Open hardware circuit design and Arduino compatible programming development environment;
  • Uniform Microduino interface standard and rich peripheral modules, capable of having a fast and flexible connection and extension with other modules and sensors in accord with Microduino interface standard;
  • Easy to be integrated to pegboards with a 2.45-pitch female header connector interface.


  • Communication protocol?
    • Microduino NEO-6M module adopts NMEA-0183 protocol to output GPS data and is capable of configuring modules through UBX protocol.
  • Receiving characteristics
    • Channel 50?GPS L1(1575.42Mhz) C/A ??SBAS:WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS
    • Capture tracking sensitivity?-161dBm
  • Positioning accuracy
    • 2.5 mCEP ?SBAS?2.0mCEP?
  • Update rate
    • The maximum rate of 5Hz
  • Capture time
    • cold start?27S?Shortest time?
    • warm start?27S
    • hot start?1S

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1 x Microduino GPS Module UBLOX NEO-6M 5Hz


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