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Microduino-Audio is the audio play module based on JQ6500 serial port MP3 chip, which together with Audio-KEY-SD can play flash music by thumbwheel switch control and with Microduino core module can send serial port commands to control the system.


  • Adopt serial port control with default serial 1. Serial port can be selected by jumpers: Serial 0, soft serial port(D4, D5)
  • Allow external memory card connection and play as well as disk display while connecting with a computer and content update.
  • Sleep mode serial port setting and low power consumption.
  • MP3 format:
    • Support all bit rate 11172-3 and ISO13813-3 layer3 audio decoding.
    • Support sampling rate (KHZ):8/11.025/12/16/22.05/24/32/44.1/48
    • Normal, Jazz, Classic, Pop and Rock supportable
  • Support asynchronous serial communication mode and receive commands sent from the upper computer by serial port:
    • Communication standard: 9600 bps
    • Data bit:1
    • Check bit:none
    • Flow control:none
  • 24-bit DAC output, 90dB dynamic range and 85dB signal noise ratio supportable.
  • Support FAT16 and FAT32 system as well as 32G memory card to the maximum
  • With broadcast language insertion function, you can pause the playing background music.
  • Audio data is sorted by folders with 100 folders at the most supportable. Each folder can be sorted with 1000 pieces of music.
  • 30-level volume adjustable (0x00-0x1E)

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