Makeblock mGiraffe DIY 3D Printer Drucker Kit (EU)

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What is mGiraffe?

mGiraffe is a new type of delta 3D printer DIY kit based on Makeblock platform. Consisting of an open hexagon linkage structure and powerful electronic control system, mGiraffe is devoted to bring you extraordinary 3D printing experience.

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 A DIY 3D printer all built by yourself to experience the charm of 3D printing;

 Animated assembling manual create a rich user experience;

 Automatic leveling system prepares you to start 3D printing quickly;

 Mechanical structure combining with powerful electronic modules for better print performance.



Stable Mechanical Structure

A slider beam2424 made by heavy-duty aluminum alloy combining with a hexagon linkage forms the main structure of mGiraffe. It is a simple yet powerful structure that helps perform visible 3D printing at 360 degrees.

Powerful Main Control Board-MegaPi

mGiraffe uses a powerful main control board called MegaPi which is powered by Mega2560 chip. Combining with specially designed shield expansion boards, MegaPi is capable of driving three stepper motors, one extruder, and other electronic modules.


Auto-Leveling System

The non-contact photoelectric limit switch and the metal proximity switch of mGiraffe makes it possible for position compensation of X-axis, Y-axis and Z-axis to realize leveling. mGiraffe was created to be as easy to use as possible, letting you focus on creating and enjoying your prints instead of spending time tweaking and troubleshooting the machine.

Animated Assembling Manual

Every mGiraffe features an animated manual in the SD card for easy DIY assembling. It eliminates lots of troubles during assembly and ensures you assemble the mechanical parts and plug-in electronic modules in a correct way.


High-Quality 3D Printing

mGiraffe's motion is made up of a guide-rail slide and a timing belt, ensuring better print performance. 0.1-0.3mm layer resolution accelerates the design process by enabling professional-quality, high-resolution prototypes and models to be created right at your desk.



1. This mGiraffe 3D printer kit is available in 4 versions according to the AC power cord you used: Chinese standard, American standard, European standard and British standard. Please see the AC power cords shown in the figure to choose the right version. Please check below picture for your reference.

2. The micro SD card in mGiraffe stores animated manuals, driver instruction, and LCD screen operation videos. You may need to use a SD card reader to view all of instructions, so as to begin your journey with the mGiraffe.

3. The package just contains a small section PLA Filament for the testing, you may need to buy other 1.75mm PLA Filament in unser Webshop.

4. Want to See More?

If you are looking for something to trigger your creativity, visit open source community such as for free 3D designs.

Visit below URL for more information about mGiraffe:


Material Anodized aluminum and plastic
Extruder All-metal
Physical Dimensions D300 × 766mm
Print Materials 1.75mm PLA
Build Volume D180 × 300mm
Diameter of Nozzle 0.4mm
Layer Resolution 0.1-0.3mm
Printing Platform Aluminum alloy
Hot Bed Not included
Auto Bed Leveling Yes
Print Speed Max 150mm/s
Power Supply 110-240V AC Power Adapter, 12V/5A
Software Cura, Printrun
Supports file type .Stl, .Gcode
Connections USB & Micro SD Card
Off-line Printing Yes
Main Board Mega2560

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