Makeblock XY Plotter Robot Kit V2,0 without Electronics

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What is XY-plotter?

XY Plotter Robot Kit is a drawing robot that can move
a pen or other instrument to draw digital artwork on
flat surface. It can also be developed into a laser
engraver by adding the Laser Engraver Upgrade Pack.

A variety of components

This kit consists of over 60 kinds of components from Makeblock, including beams, brackets, motors, etc. Here's the picture of all the components.


XY Plotter V2.0 can be controlled by 2 software,
mDraw and Benbox.


mDraw is a cross-platform open-source software developed by Makeblock.

Compatibility: mDrawBot (mScara, mCar, mEggBot, mSpider), XY Plotter kit (servo mode, laser mode)

OS Environment: Windows, Mac

Supported File Type: *.svg, *.bmp (convert to *.svg)

Infinite Extensibility


Benbox is compatible with both servo mode and
laser mode of XY plotter. One of the best things
about using Benbox is that Benbox support
gray-scale engraving, and editing figures and
characters within the software.


The current version of Benbox only supports
Window OS. We occasionally get reports from
users that Benbox is blocked by antivirus
software during installation. This is because
Benbox is not in the whitelist of the antivirus
software. Please rest assured that Benbox
is safe to download and install. Make sure
to turn off the antivirus software before
installing Benbox on your computer.


Infinite Extensibility

The power supply in this kit is USA plug with EU Adapter AC to DC wall power supply. .

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Makeblock XY-Plotter Robot Kit V2.0 (No Electronics) Makeblock XY-Plotter Robot Kit V2.0 (No Electronics)
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