Makeblock Micro Peristaltic Pump DC12.0V

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Note: This pump does NOT come with connecting wire, please choose motor cable of corresponding current to work with it.

Micro Peristaltic Pump (DC12.0V) is a new type of micro liquefied pump that has mini size and powerful function. With easy-to-use feature, it can be used in a DIY project or an industrial project. The pump body comes with triple-roller and environmental-friendly silicone hosepipe. Having no valve and sealing, the silicone hosepipe can be easily replaced. 
The liquid won't be in direct contact with the pump body, hence more environment-friendly and pollution-free. The Micro Peristaltic Pump can also be used to pump sensitive liquid and organic solvent.

Internal structure as below: 


  • Support for positive and negative transfer.
  • High accurateness in flow control.
  • D(1.5-4)mm*0.5m silicone tube is included for using.
  • Environmental protection silicone tube for food and medical industry.
  • Simple structure and low maintenance.


  • Voltage: DC 12.0V
  • Flow Velocity: (6~24)ml/min
  • Operating Temperature: 0~40?
  • Relative Humidity < 80%
  • No-load Current: 0.06A 
  • Load Current: 0.25A 
  • No-load Speed: 3500 


1 x D(1.5-4)mm*0.5m Silicone Tube

1 x Micro Peristaltic Pump

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