Makeblock MegaPi Encoder DC Motor Driver

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This encoder motor is capable of driving two DC motors or one encoder motor. It has 16 pins, allowing you to connect with MegaPi by simply plugging in. The motor driver IC on the board is TB6612, which is a high efficiency MOSFET driver with low heat dissipation. Overcurrent protection included to prevent the driver IC from burning out.



    6 V to 12 V motor supply rang;

    1 A maximum continuous current per motor (2 A peak);

    Over-current protection;

    Capable of driving one encoder driver (white interface) or two DC motors (green interface);

    Color-code male and female pins ensure connecting with MegaPi correctly;

    TVS protection included in the interface for driving encoder motors;

    Small size for easy connecting with MegaPi;



    Motor driver: TB6612FNG

    Motor channels: 2

    Minimum operating voltage: 6 V

    Maximum operating voltage: 12 V

    Logic voltage: 5V

    Continuous output current per channel: 1 A

    Peak output current per channel: 2 A



    1.5cm x 3.0cm


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