Makeblock Me Line Follower Array RJ25 Port für Arduino Robot

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What Is Me Line Follower Array?

Me Line Follower Array is specially designed for professional users who need to make line-following robots, such as makers. It has 6 pair infrared probes on which the high-precision comparators will compare the detected colors. Compared to Me Line Follower, it has higher precision. When black line on the white background is detected by the comparators, the LED light will turn on and the robot will move along the black line. On the contrary, when the white line on the black background is detected, robot will follow the white line. You can also adjust the detecting sensibility with the potentiometer beside the probes, so that the probes will be adapted to different surroundings and detecting heights. This module utilizes unibus to transmit data. The MCU inside is used to send data to the main control.


Easy to connect: RJ25 port;

Support Arduino IDE programming;

Equipped with external connectors S1?S2?VCC?GND, supports most Arduino mainboards;

Anti-reverse connection to avoid IC damaged;

The white region of the module could be in touch with metal beams.


This module requires users to program.

Sample program

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