Makeblock Me Angular Sensor with PH-3P-2.0mm Cable angle value detection

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What is Me Angular Sensor?

Being connected with other Makeblock parts, Me Angular Sensor is designed to achieve the goal of detecting the angle value of a link mechanism or the angle value of a joint.


  • Compatible with mechanical parts of Makeblock;
  • Equipped with high-precision trimmer potentiometer which has good linearity for long-time use;
  • Small in size, with wires included for easy assembling;
  • No need to burn program into this angular sensor.

How Does It Work?

With the wires included in this pack, you are able to connect the Me Angular Sensor to Makeblock RJ25 Adapter or ZeroPi. Just by interacting with the main control board?Me Orion, it provide an easy way to detect the angle value of the link mechanism or the angle value of the joint you apply.


This Me Angular Sensor need to be connected thru Me RJ25 Adapter.

Threaded Shaft for Angular Sensor and Hard Circle Shaft 4x56mm-3 are recommended.


Building Examples:

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