Makeblock Laser Engraver Upgrade Pack(500mV) for XY-Plotter Robot Kit V2.0

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What is Laser Engraver Upgrade Pack?

Laser Engraver Upgrade Pack can be used with XY Plotter Robot Kit (SKU: MB90014) adding laser engraving function to these robot kits.

Easy to use

Easy assembly and suitable for places required engraving or cutter,
such as at home, in hackerspace, at school, in companies, etc.



Controlled by mDraw or Benbox, Laser Engraver Upgrade Pack is able to engrave awesome patterns and words on phone case, wallet, jeans, wooden board, paper board, Acrylic plate, etc, hence customizing your own special items.


? No direct eye-contact with the laser light path;

? DO NOT irradiate others by the laser;

? Keep it away from children and other people who are not familiar with laser usage;

? Minimumage:18-year-old.Under the age of18, please use under parental supervision;

? Pay attention when you're operating the blue-violet laser. MAKE SURE to wear the goggles to avoid any dangers.


Engraving graphic display

Laser Engraver Upgrade Pack uses a beam of light to cut, engrave, and shape designs from a variety of materials.

Follow the instruction, assemble the lasers elements to the assembled XY Plotter Robot Kit V2.0 and upload
the firmware to the Me Baseboard. You can use mDrawBot or Benbox Laser Engraver to control
the laser engraver robot to engrave fabulous artworks.


1. Laser has positive pole and negative pole after the upgrade of rectification circuit inside laser module. When you connect positive pole and negative pole inversely, laser module will not produce laser. In this case, you should exchange the wire connectors.


   2. The rectification circuit becomes smaller after the upgrade. In order to reduce changes and maintain previous appearance, there is only wiring parts inside power source.

3. DO NOT use laser in full power for a long time. It is suggested to use laser under 90% of the full power so as to extend the life of laser module.

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