Makeblock DC Motor 25mm 9V 185RPM Gleichstrom Motor 1:45

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What is DC Motor?

DC motor is the most commonly used motor on Makeblock platform. It is driven by direct current and is the ideal option to get things moving in all kinds of projects.

How to Connect DC motor?

By adding DC Motor-25 Bracket, this DC motor can easily connect with other Makeblock structural parts. It can also be connected to the M1, M2 interface of Makeblock Me Orion mainboard directly or connected to Me Dual DC Motor Driver.


Voltage 9.0V(DC)
Ambient Temperature 0?~+50?
Ambient Relative 60%±5%
Gross Weight 110g (3.88oz)
Package Content
(Qty. x Part Name)
1 x PH2.0-2P to Stripped-End Cable - 35cm
1 x DC Motor-25 9V

Comparison Chart

Model SKU Gear Ratio Stall Torque Stall Current No Load Load
Speed Current Torque Speed Current
700RPM 80032 1:10 =2.7A 700±10% rpm =150mA 580±10rpm =600mA
325RPM 80035 1:20 4.5± =2.7A 325±10% rpm =150mA 280±10rpm =600mA
185RPM 80038 1:45 5.8 min / 185±10% rpm =220mA 150±10rpm =1.1A
86RPM 80041 1:75 =2.7A 86±10% rpm =150mA 75±10rpm =550mA
30RPM 80044 1:217 / =2.7A 30±10% rpm =150mA 26±10rpm =500mA
16RPM 80047 1:217 14.0 =0.7A 16±10% rpm =100mA 14.0 12±10rpm =250mA


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