Makeblock 37mm DC Motor Robot Pack - Blue

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37mm diameter DC metal geared motor, together with a motor bracket, a shaft connector and a multipurpose wheel. The motor bracket included is suitable for 37mm motor and 25mm motor. The multipurpose wheel can be used as a timing pully, or a wheel hub, or a tank wheel. 


37mm DC Motor

1. Appearance size:

2. Model:LT37GB90-3329

3. Blectrical Characteristics

3.1. Test condition

3.1.1. Rated voltage: 12.0 V(DC);

3.1.2. Ambient temperature:+25±3?;

3.1.3. Ambient relative:60%±5%;

3.2. No-load characteristic

3.2.1 Reductionratio: 1:90 ;

3.2.2 No load current:? 100 mA

3.2.2 No load speed: 50 ±10%rpm;

3.3. Load characteristic

3.3.1. Rated torque: 4.5±;

3.3.2. Rated current:? 300 mA;

3.3.3. Rated speed: 40±10%rpm;

3.3.4. Stall torque: 10.0±;

3.3.5. Rated current:≥ 1.1 A;

3.4. Direction of Ratation:CW

4. Thrust play of shaft:0.05-0.5 mm;

5. Radial play of shaft:? 0.02 mm;

Part List:

1 x DC Motor-37

1 x DC Motor-37 Bracket

1 x Shaft Connector-4

1 x Timing Pulley 90T

4 x Screw M4x14

8 x Countersunk Screw M3x8

2 x Headless Screw M3x5

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